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Finding Places. Made Easy.

Finding the perfect park, restaurant, museum, birthday venue, emergency bathroom for your child can be extremely difficult. Kidcredible is the quickest and easiest way to find a new location that fits all of your child’s needs. We are building a community of reviewers that will rate every location on aspects parents care about; age appropriateness – bathrooms – safety – cleanliness – menus – handicapped accessibility – gluten free menus - etc. Not only does this help you find specifically perfect locations for your children, but it will let you patronage businesses that have put resources towards being great for families.


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Location Ratings

Whether you are traveling or in your ol' stomping grounds, Kidcredible is the way that you can rate locations on criteria that other parents actually care about! As trusted parents leave reviews, ratings and advice/tips, Kidcredible will be building an extended community of trusted parents to help other families find the best locations for their children before they leave to save time, money and tears!


Profile Filtering

Going to the regular park, play place or restaurant gets old. Searching for a reputable new location, perfect for a child, can be an excruciating task. Kidcredible's ProfileFiltering will allow families to effortlessly establish profiles of their families, kids and preferences which will then automatically filter through search results to only show the exact right places for your family, in a fraction of the time.  


family connections (coming soon)

Help for extended family is finally here. As a parent sets up one profile for their family, other family members/friends/nannies can easily connect to that profile but search for locations and events in their area. This means that the grandparents will be notified when a kid parade is coming to their neighborhood that is perfect for their 4 yr old grandchild, with no effort on their own. This also means a lot more free babysitting. Win Win.  

Kidcredible Waiting List

We're working feverishly to bring Kidcredible to every city in the country.  Thank you for your interest in helping to spread quality reviews focused on your family profile.  If you're interested in having Kidcredible in your area, please sign up below so we can make sure we push towards locations where the value is.  


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